First young Scientists Festival

The Fund for Support of Scientists of country and the Jamili Charity Foundation aimed to stimulate the initiative of creative youth and identification of superior plans to facilitate their movement into a knowledge-based product and completion of innovation cycle and conversion of ideas to wealth, take action for holding the 1st Young Scientists Festival in the fields of basic science (mathematics, statistics and computer science, chemistry, physics, biological science and geology).

This Festival continues annually and the most important goals of the Festival are:

  • Supporting superior talent in the fields of basic science.
  • To esteem the High position of researchers and innovators and young inventors.
  • Creating a suitable platform for scientific and technological cooperation between scientific and research centers with industry and services section.
  • creating interest and hope in the creative youth of the country.

The process of selecting the top ideas

The first young Scientists Festival began calling for the country’s youth ideas in the field of basic science, and luckily it was a good welcome from the youth. out of the 421 ideas registered on the website of Festival, 319 ideas were of initial acceptance.

in order to increase the quality of the Festival, the process of arbitration was planned in two stages. in the first stage, all the mentioned ideas in the website were scored and the 37 ideas were scored and assessed based on the scientific criteria and indices. Finally, 20 ideas from different parts are scored and evaluated by the referees committee and they have a chance to be presented. in the second stage, selected ideas for participating in the Festival were contested and the final selection was made by the jury.

The judgment of the youth ideas was carried out on the basis of these criteria:

– innovation of the idea at the national or international level.

-Innovation of the idea with the creative presentation of a product.

-To what extent environmentally-friend the presented idea or forecastable product will be?

-To what extent will the presented idea save health and safety of users against the hazards and risks?

-To what extent are the cultural principles proportional to the country considered in this idea?

-Usability of the idea and the possibility of using it in the current state of the country.

– Possibility of production and ability to enter the market and economic added-value from the commercialization of ideas.

To support and empower the selected ideas in this Festival, in addition to monetary prizes and appreciation of the elected ideas by providing financial facilities for items such as the transformation of the idea into the invention of documenting and Commercialization them, in order to facilitate the distance between idea to practice for the creative youth.

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