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The Young Scientists Festival has been held since 2017 with the support of the Jamili Foundation to convert the new idea into business, develop talents and strengthen the innovational and entrepreneurial spirit in young scientists in the world. Considering the importance and role of Basic Science in developing other fields of science and technology, the festival is held in five fields of basic Science (Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer science, Biological sciences, and Geology). The festival is held in two sections: Ideators and Startup groups


A person or team who has a practical and commercial idea (originating from different fields of basic Science)

Startup groups

Any new business with an innovational business model has less activity than 42 months.

Criteria of the festival’s ideas in all  sections:

  • The idea should be at least partially innovative
  • Possibility of producing and commercialization
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Added-value
  • Safety
  • Ergonomy
  • Consideration of global needs

This festival continues annually, and the most important goals of the festival are:

  • Supporting talents in the fields of basic science.
  • Appreciation of young inventors, researchers, innovators, and inventors.
  • Creating a platform for scientific and technological cooperation between academia and industry.
  • Creating opportunity and hope for the future of young scientists.

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