Frequently Asked Questions

  In the Name of the Creator of Knowledge “

1- How do we know to register our idea in which group (ideators or start-up business)?


If you want to implement your idea and you meet the following conditions, you must register your idea in the ideators section:

  • The individual or team who has an idea or ideas (in different areas of basic science) including any kind of creation or application of new knowledge, or the use of existing knowledge in a new way
  • Your idea is in one of the following development stages: initial idea or scientific and laboratory evaluation or approved laboratory sample

Start-up business:

If you meet the following requirements, you should submit your idea in the start-up section:

  • Any new official or unofficial business (including emerging entrepreneur or manager-owner of a new business) with a history of fewer than 42 months (three and a half years)
  • Have a prototype or MVP (required)
  • A cohesive and efficient team including the expertise required by the startup

2- What are the steps for registering an idea on the festival website?

  • Log in to the festival site and select the idea registration option
  • Registration in the festival idea registration system (for new applicants). Festival 4 applicants must enter the system from their email and password and in case of “forgetting the password”, proceed from the forgetting the password section.
  • Log in to your profile and select a group (Ideators – Start-up Business)
  • Registration of personal/educational / job details
  • Register the details of all members
  • Record additional information of the idea
  • Upload files related to idea documentation
  • Final approval

3- What is the additional information file of the idea (technical description – method) for the design?

How to implement the idea or in other words the scientific methodology of the project in which the steps are described should be uploaded in detail in this section. It is also recommended to add steps in the form of a float or table. If there is a product sample, the steps to achieve it, a photo, or a detailed map should be provided. Any additional information on how the idea is implemented can be included in this file.

4- How to ensure the final registration of our idea?

After entering your profile in the idea registration system, you can see the process of registering your idea in the “My Idea / Design Status” section. If the status of the idea is “Initial Review”, your idea has been finalized; otherwise, you will see the “Not yet submitted” option. You will also receive a text message and email after the final registration.

5- Is it possible to edit the information and change the uploaded file after the final registration?

No, editing information is not possible after final registration.

6- How will the technical and business arbitration be in the fifth round of the festival?

All projects will be evaluated by technical judges in four sections: idea, business model canvas, prototype, and start-up business team, then the average score of the judges will be calculated.

7- After entering the technical and business arbitration stage, if the ideator does not have one of the required documents, will she/he be eliminated from the competition?

Any idea that fails to provide the required documentation within the announced deadline will be excluded from the screening phase.

8- Can startup companies participate in this festival?

Yes, if startup companies have ideas related to one of the basic science fields and are eligible for the start-up business, they can register from the start-up business section of the website.

9- If the idea is patented, can it be registered in the festival?

Yes, if the idea is officially registered in the form of a patent or other registration forms, it is still possible to participate in the festival to implement or develop the idea implemented into the product.

10- Can the ideators of the previous rounds of the festival participate in the fifth round?

 ideators from previous years are not barred from participating if they have a different idea.

11- How can we trust the festival to maintain the ownership of our idea?

According to the festival’s ethical charter, the commitment not to disclose the idea of ​​the participants has been signed by the festival judges and all those involved in the festival, and any disclosure or reference to the ideas submitted to the festival is prohibited.

12- What is the deadline for submitting ideas? Will this opportunity be extended?

The deadline for submitting the idea is September 23, 2021, and this date will not be extended.

13- What will be the festival’s support for the finalists?

The finalists will first be introduced to the accelerator to go through the pre-acceleration steps and be able to design their model canvas and business plan. In the next stage, with the guidance of specialized trainers, they will move towards producing a prototype product so that they can prepare their product to enter the market, and in the final stage, they will be introduced to the investor to develop their product and service.

14- Is there an age limit for members of ideation teams?

According to the festival definition, young people refer to people over 18 years old and under 40 years old, so all participants must be at least 18 years old and the main ideator who is in charge of the team must be under 40 years old.

15- Will attendance at the closing of the festival be open to the public?

Yes – attendance at the closing of the festival will be free for the public.

16- If the applicant chooses his registration group (ideators – start-up business) incorrectly during registration, is it possible to change the selected group?

Yes, the applicant must re-register her/his idea in the appropriate group from the beginning.

17- Is there a limit to the registration of ideas in the business section by a single team?

  • In this section, the minimum number of team members must be 3 and the maximum 6 to be able to register
  • Teams must have a sample product (MVP) to be able to register in this section

18- How many ideas can each person or team register in the festival system?

Each person or team can submit 4 different ideas to the festival.

19- Can the completed information be saved on each page of the system?

At the end of each page, there is an option “Save and next page” saving the completed information.

20- How can I be aware of all the stages and conditions of the festival?

By reading the festival participation guide. Participants should read the guide before submitting their idea.

21- Should the proposed idea be completely new?

The nature of the idea should be relatively innovative and not necessarily new, and it should have a basic science foundation that can be applied and be of practical importance.