In the name of God

Disclosure statement


This disclosure statement is a document concluded in accordance with article 10 of the Civil Code of Iran, which is intended to protect the intellectual property of documents, attachments, hardware and software as “documents” for the process of judging the ideas or business plans of ideators of the Young Scientists Festival, as well as between the Festival’s reviewers and the legal personality of the Young Scientists Festival.


  • Maintaining the intellectual property of information that participants submit to the festival including the content of the idea
  • All documents and software that the festival will provide to the judges will also remain confidential.
  • Non-disclosure and dissemination of documents and information to any other person and in any form (written, oral, electronic, etc.).

Note 1: The commitment is not only limited to the validity period of the statement, and the judges and employees after the festival will also be required to abide by it.

  1. Make the necessary measures to provide the physical security of the received information.
  2. The use of information and documents provided only in line with the process of judgment and review of the ideas.
  3. Refrain from any copy of the information received at any given device or by any means.
  4. Realization of the provisions of this statement to employees who may have access to the information of the participants.
  5. The protection of all the intellectual rights of the Festival participants in relation to information and documents.
  6. Not to damage to the participants’ information in any possible form.
  7. Canceling any of these obligations is possible only in case of written notification.
  • Indemnification

If any of the obligations arising from the evaluation team, whether the breach of obligation is intentional or failure, then there is an obligation to compensate the damage to the Festival and the participants. In case staffs of the Festival violate this statement, festival has responsibility to compensate for the damages to participants in the festival. 

  • Results declarations

The festival is responsible in confidential deposit of of the participants documents. From the time that documents are delivered to the evaluation team, the Festival is exempt from its obligations to protect their origins.

  • Attachment

Each amendment would be accepted only with the written agreement of both parties. The statement is subject to the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republication of Iran. The attention of transgressions caused by it will be in the qualification of the legal authorities if it is not through negotiations with the parties.