Young Scientists Festival

The 6th Young Scientists Festival  will be held by Jamili Foundation to support the young generation of the world in five fields of basic science (Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Computer science, Biological Science and Geology) and with two unique approaches, of coronavirus “and artificial intelligence.” The festival is held in two sections: Startups groups and Ideators. Hence, all young scientist are invited to  participate in the festival.


Prerequisites for participating in this section:

  • Initial idea
  • Scientific and laboratory assessment

Verifies laboratory sample will help in the competition

Prerequisites for participating in this section:

  • Any new business has an activity record of fewer than 42 months
  • Having an initial sample product or MVP ( Minimum Viable Product) .
  • A coherent and effective team consists of the required expertise of the startup.
Idea registration

senior officials

Ebrahim Jamili
Head of Policy Council

Mahmoud Kamarehi
President of Young Scientist Festival(YSF)

vahid niknam
YSF Secretary

Shadi Jamili
Director of YSF Permanent Secretariat

Secretary for YSF Scientific Committee

Nasser Gholami
Secretary for YSF Management and Planning

Mohammad Reza Zali
Secretary for YSF Business Committee

soroush moadab
YSF Executive Manger

Fatemeh Mohammadipanah
Secretary for YSF International Committee

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