Virtual meeting with the IF Oxford Science and Idea Festival

The first meeting of the Young Scientists Festival with the IF Oxford Science and Idea Festival was held virtually on Tuesday 24 August 2021. IF Oxford with 30 years of history presents 100+ events each year and is produced by Oxfordshire Science Festival, a charity dedicated to the development of a science and ideas festival in the region of Oxford.

The meeting was started by the introduction of the participants and continued by the presentation of YSF slides and describing the state of the YSF in its fifth year of run. The director of the IF Oxford Science and Idea Festival, Dr. Dane Comerford and Director of YSF, Dr. Shadi Jamili, agreed upon collaboration on increasing the society awareness of the role of science for sustainable development of the society. Both sides planned to explore the area of mutual interest and aim for cooperative activities for upcoming years. The cooperation of the two festivals will start this year by inviting inspiring speakers on the topic of COVID-19 and water resource management with the help of IF Oxford. Learning across science and creative ways to engage the public to science-based developments were other objects that have been discussed in the meeting.

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