Guidance of participation in the Festival of Century

Young Scientists Festival

The Young Scientists Festival has been held at the national level since 2017 with the support of the Jamili charity foundation with the aim of converting the idea into business, developing talents, strengthening innovational and entrepreneurial spirit, creating incentives and hope for the youth of the country. This is the 5th session of the Festival this year, entitled “The Century Festival” which is in the holding process.


Entrepreneurial ideas: Any type of creation or application of new knowledge or application of new knowledge, or application of existing knowledge in a new way, is about offering one or more dimensions of business (such as providing new products / services, new markets, technology and new production methods or business models).

Responsible ideator: Responsible ideator is referred as an individual who is the owner of the team from the perspective of the Festival and all correspondence from the Secretariat, and all the legal and financial interactions would be with him. The main ideator is required to consult the Secretariat on the team’s advice and declare the final results and report of the team’s activities to the Secretariat.

Note: If the original ideator violation, the colleagues whose names and specifications are officially registered at the Festival portal should be referred to the Secretariat only through written mail.


Any formal or informal new business (including an emerging entrepreneur or manager/ owner of a new business) has a record of less activity than 42 months (three and a half years).

Support Fund (Product Development Grant)

Provides any grants or advisory services to startup companies or individuals or scientists of the research teams from the Festival.

How to record the idea at the Young Scientists Festival?

1st stage:

The registration of the idea on the portal of the Festival.

Applicants must register all personal information and their idea only through the official system of Festival.

Fields of obtaining the idea:

Basic Science includes; Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer science and Geology.

There are two special lines of in the 5th festival call which is: Corona virus and Artificial intelligence.

The participants must register their idea in one of the specified areas.

NOTE: If your idea is inter-disciplinary, you should specify the relevant areas when recording the idea.

The timing of the Festival

The deadline for recording the idea at the 5th Festival (Century Festival):

May 22 to September 23, 2021.

The Festival’s holding time (announcement of the final results):

November 30, 2021.

Festival Awards

The elites in the following two sections receive support for the Jamili Charity Foundation:

Ideators section

 In each field, the final chosen ideas are 2 (a total of 14 ideas).

Startup business sector:

 Four team will be awarded in this section.

Participants ages range

According to the definition of the Festival, the young refers to people over the age of 18 and under 40 years. Therefore, all participants must have at least 18 years of age and the age of the principle ideator who has the responsibility of the team must be under 40 years.

Educational section of the participants

 must have at least a diploma and can range from different academic disciplines, where as the main field of the idea should be based solely in the field of basic Science.

NOTE: The degree and major of participants have no extra advantage. All ideas are judged by the specific process of the Festival, and the quality and possibility of commercialization of the idea of judgment is the criterion of judgment.

The definition of the team

It defines a limited number of people with complementary skills that are integrated to each other for common purpose and task goals, and with task-based approaches, problem solving, and human skills.

The number of people in the ideators section could range from 1 to 6, and the number of people enrolled in startup companies must be from 3 to 6.

Note 1: Each team or individual can record up to four completely different ideas within the Festival system.

Note 2: Participants of the past years have no resistance to the company if they have a different idea.

Note 3: After the final recording of information, there will be no information editing. Please check the accuracy of the contents including the information about team members, the completeness of project information and other items on the table before the final registration of the idea on the website of the Festival.

Note 4: If the idea is selected in the Festival, the Secretariat will be allowed to use only the information contained in the portal (names and pictures of ideators, title, and abstract of idea) and not its content in the event of the Festival.

Step 2: Arbitration

Following the selection of the idea of festival ‘s portal, the following steps will be followed:

Initial screening:

At this stage, the ideas are screened in terms of “uploaded information”, and if the information is incomplete, an email is sent to applicants where it is necessary for applicants to correct them within less than 15 days of their notification.

Note: If defects are not complete, the idea will not enter the arbitration stage.

Scientific arbitration and business:

 ideas that have competition conditions will be evaluated by the Festival’s academic and business referees (including scientific experts and professors of the country, local entrepreneurs and …).

3rd stage:

Announcement of the results of the election and the support of the Festival.

Applicants who, their ideas are applying into the arbitration phase will not be informed to maintain the greater attractiveness of the Festival before the end of the Festival. Therefore, the announcement of the names of the selected applicants is confidential, which is announced only on the day of the Festival’s closing.

People whose ideas have not been selected at the Festival can send their complete and revised ideas in the coming years.

People whose idea is introduced as “the chosen scientific idea” are set up for the scientific committee, and the Festival’s destiny will be presented to them for their efforts.

Those whose ideas are presented in the Festival as the “final selected idea of the ideators section”/ startup entrepreneurs” in the Festival, leaving the final for the scientific committee and the business committee, who will win support for the Jamili Charity Foundation, in addition to the creation of the monument and the Festival’s destiny. This support includes the credit of empowerment and product development.

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