About Festival

Why young Scientists?

Every scientist takes roots and sprouts from the soil of science that is his idea, and we resolved to enjoy the novel ideas of green sprouts, as well as the Scientists of this frontier and the canvas to realize their scientific goals and aspirations, with their material and spiritual support for the moment of practical implementation of ideas.

From idea to implementation

The idea of the Young Scientists Festival since 2016 was achieved thanks to the Jamili charity foundation and to support the creation of technology-based businesses, innovation and the fulfillment of a resistive economy with the aim of converting the idea into wealth. The Festival is being held annually nationwide in 2016, and the final selected ideas at the end of the Festival will benefit from the special credit of the Jamili Charity Foundation to improve the product and create the startup company.

The foundation and Festival are lock and key (They are Complementary)

Creating jobs is the major goal of the Jamili Charity Foundation and helping to top ideas is the young Scientists Festival ‘s main priority. We take a solid key like a Jamili charity foundation, a brilliant key like young people who are interested in education, but we do not know the possibility of it, and we do not know a greater pleasure than it.

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