2nd young Scientists Festival

Following the successful holding of the first Festival of young Scientists, the first meeting of the Council for the Second Festival Council In the presence of the Minister of Science was held on June 21, 2017.

Goals of the Festival

In the 2nd year of holding the young Scientists Festival, the Jamili Charity Foundation considered the importance and role of basic science in the development of other fields of science and technology and creating new businesses. In fact, this Festival is a move to contribute to the role of the private sector’s social responsibility to protect the young generation of this country creating value of knowledge.

Measures before the 2nd Festival

Scientific Council and the Jury of the Festival consist of the university experts from the members of the Science and Technology institutes of Tehran University as well as the bed of the system of receiving ideas based on the strongest security points. In addition, each of the referees has proven their commitment and responsibility in this regard as the NDA contract (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

The process of choosing superior ideas

At the 2nd Festival of Young Scientists, 637 ideas were recorded in the system, of which 547 ideas were final registration. On this number of ideas, scientific judges performed on five fields (Biological sciences, Physics, Mathematics, statistics, computer science and Geology) according to criteria and assessment indicators.

Criteria and indicators of Scientific Evaluation of The ideas of the 2nd Young Scientists Festival:

  • The idea should be innovative
  • Originality of the idea or plan
  • Possibility of producing and commercialization
  • Innovation and creativity
  • presentation skills
  • Material selection
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Performance
  • Added-value
  • Safety
  • Ergonomy
  • Consideration of cultural needs

According to the mentioned indices, 50 scientific selected ideas were introduced to the business sector for arbitration. Ideas may have a positive and valuable aspect from a scientific view, but in the business and commercialization sectors they may not be able to obtain the required scores, so the focus of the second Festival was on the basis of ideas and business discussion was considered as an important priority for the judges. scientific arbitration, although a very important part, is not determined and therefore both scientific and business sectors were evaluated in the 2nd Young Scientists Festival and ideas that were able to obtain the required scores from both sectors (scientific and business) were introduced as the selected idea.

Startup weekend

The participation of science and Technology Park of university of Tehran in the 2nd Young Scientists Festival and the smart look of the Jamili Charity Foundation in support of conservative ideas cause the three-day event to be held before the Festival.

In this event, 50 selected ideas that were introduced by the scientific department were attended and by the guidance of coaches and business experts, the team was formed. 50 interested people in the field of business, such as programmers, site designers (who were not the owner of the idea) were also added to the idea owners to team up with the idea owners. Finally, 100 people participated and presented their ideas in 5 minutes on the first day of the Festival, in the presence of all invited members on the day of the Festival and 10 ideas were selected.

The rest formed the team with these 10 groups, and eventually, 10 teams were formed, which required training was given to them by the association of specialist coaches of science and technology park, to provide good idea and commercialization. At the end of the final day of the startup weekend, in the presence of referees, ideas were presented and contested to obtain credit and receive the award from Jamili charity foundation. The final results of scientific and business judgment on the Festival day were announced in December 2017.

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