Century Festival Call

With all due respect, this is to inform the dear ideators and startups, The 5th period from the Young Scientists Festival as the ” Century Festival ” by the Jamili Charity Foundation, aims to support the knowledge ideas, nurture talents, strengthen the morale of innovation and creation of inspiration and hope in the young generation of the country in five fields of basic science (Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Computer science, Biological science and Geology) and with two special approaches, of corona virus“ and artificial intelligence”. Hence, all those interested are invited to visit the festival’s web site at and record the idea and declare readiness to participate in the Festival. We are sure that the 5th round of this scientific event will be a prominent festival of the new century.

If you plan to implement your idea and be eligible for the following conditions, submit your idea: A person or team who has an idea (in different fields of basic Science) include any type of creation or application of new knowledge, or applying knowledge to the new way of your idea in one of the following development steps:

  • Initial idea
  • Scientific and Laboratory assessment
  • Verifies laboratory sample

Before submitting the idea, please study the guide for participating the Festival.

If you’re eligible for the following context, register your idea:

  • Any new formal or informal new business (including an emerging entrepreneur or manager, owner of a new business) has a record of activity less than 42 months (three and a half years).
  • Having an initial sample product or MVP (required).
  • A coherent and effective team consists of the required expertise of startup.

Before submitting the idea, please study the guide for participating in the Festival.

Idea registration

Time left until the end of the Century Festival idea registration process


Time left until the fifth festival


Idea to business club

The idea to business club of basic Science of Iran was founded in 2019 with the support of the Jamili charity foundation under the supervision of Young Scientists Festival, with the incentive to meet the needs of the market and to contribute to bringing creative ideas into the fields of basic science with the ability to enter the country’s production arena. In order to achieve these goals, the club aims to set up continuous sessions to build a targeted structure.

Festival Presidents

Ebrahim Jamili
Chairman of the Policy Council

Mahmoud Kamarehi
Festival Presidency

Festival director

Scientific Secretary of the Festival

Nasser Gholami
Secretary of the Management and Planning Council

Mohammad Reza Zali
Secretary of the Business Committee

Shadi Jamili
Head of the Permanent Secretariat of the Festival

Festival sponsors

Supporter Foundation of University of Tehran
Faculty of science, University of Tehran
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بنیاد نیکوکاری جمیلی

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